Mavi Deniz offers the widest range of Oil Recovery Vessel on the market today. OSRV’s have been supplied to oil companies, marinas, port authorities and municipalities around the world. Oil recovery vessels that are designed to undertake a wide range of cleanup duties marinas, inshore, harbors or offshore. Multipurpose oil recovery vessel equipped with oil skimmer units and recovered oil handing systems or optionally debris collecting systems designed by Mavi Deniz. The oil recovery vessel can also be used for boom laying, dispersant spraying, fire fighting, and beach washing, emergency fuel transfer, equipment / personnel transport.         

Sea Barracuda (Offshore) Sea Horse (Mono Hull) Sea Cat (Catamaran)  
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“Offshore & high seas”   “Outside harbor & ports areas” “Harbor and ports”

Sea Piranha  Mini Cat 
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“Harbor and coastal protection”  “Inland and sheltered waters” 

For Oil Recovery Vessel orders please contact MAVI DENIZ by calling : + 90 216 392 41 43 or Fax : + 90 216 392 47 00.